A Town Untangled D. S. Sully


Published: December 16th 2009

Kindle Edition

160 pages


A Town Untangled  by  D. S. Sully

A Town Untangled by D. S. Sully
December 16th 2009 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 160 pages | ISBN: | 7.77 Mb

No matter how mediocre or mundane, all hometowns have a storied past- neither mine nor yours is an exception. Be forewarned that you will encounter organized crime, religious strife, environmental disaster, romantic heartbreak, cultural chaos, and communal calamity, so, just deal with it! Historically accurate rather than politically correct, these harrowing accounts might raise a few hackles, foster a gaggle of goose bumps, and rekindle awkward moments. This saga begins in an old main street mansion serving as a childhood home.It then progresses to the parochial cultivation of church and school.

Next are the peer-pressure pathways through the surrounding neighborhoods. And last, this journey meanders beyond the outskirts where anything can happen.Maybe we have something in common. There’s a possibility that eccentric elders, spooky neighbors, and mysterious others existed where you grew up. Perhaps reclusive cemeteries, moonshiners, and brothels remained discreet while overindulged citizens, oversized cops, and over-zealous teachers got plenty of attention. And for sure, at least one local residence served as a sideshow salvage yard.Although you may have outgrown your hometown, its cockamamie collection of memories continues to reside in your mind and soul.

These recollections will now be triggered by venturing into A Town Untangled.

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