Random Takes Off David Grant


Published: December 11th 2013

Kindle Edition

70 pages


Random Takes Off  by  David Grant

Random Takes Off by David Grant
December 11th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 70 pages | ISBN: | 3.15 Mb

I wrote this screenplay because I believe in democracy. And I like to laugh my way through challenge and conflict.What if we selected representatives the way the Athenians chose their office holders … or the way we choose juries -- by random selection?Volunteer to put yourself in the lot to be chosen. And pass the Naturalization Test that immigrants must take to become citizens.So in this screenplay … we’ve got a farm boy, coming off of a drug addiction.

And a suburban middle-aged woman who’d really rather be gardening. They are the protagonists, two of the five hundred chosen for the first Citizen Legislature.They will face bribery attempts. A smear campaign. And eventually a full blown coup by an armed militia.How can ‘ordinary citizens’ form themselves into an effective Citizen Legislature in the face of all of that?That’s what my screenplay is about. It’s a comedic political action drama that answers the question “How could we make democracy real?”

Enter the sum

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