Johnny Plumb and the Golden Globe Kim Wheeler

ISBN: 9781590951866

Published: May 20th 2014


154 pages


Johnny Plumb and the Golden Globe  by  Kim Wheeler

Johnny Plumb and the Golden Globe by Kim Wheeler
May 20th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 154 pages | ISBN: 9781590951866 | 10.67 Mb

The Adventures of Jonny Plumb is the fantastical and funny story of a young orphan boy suddenly endowed with very special powers. Jonnys life changes dramatically when hes taken into foster care by the wealthy and extremely beautiful Lady Kathleen Hunter -- and comes under the vigilant eye of Nanny Noo.Jonnys adventures begin when he finds the mysterious Golden Globe that shifts shapes and holds many secrets. This magical orb takes Jonny on all kinds of amazing and jaw-dropping adventures, high into the furthest regions of space and deep into an underwater world full of rowdy Sea Life -- who bubble up from Jonnys bathtub drain to join in silly songs.

These include Wall Eyed Wally and his three baby octopuses Stench, Carcass, and Harpoon- five young dolphins, Oink, Jube, Faraway, Blue Sky One Eye, and Sloppy Botty- Porka the Orca, Legs the Crab, and many more.I liked this book because of the educational theme, too. Jonnys philanthropic mission speaks about the human angle.

Its important to have childrens story books with a strong theme. Also, children are highly imaginative and they always think outside the box. These types of stories also aid in developing their imagination and thought.--MamtaI read this on holiday, whilst lazing around the pool and finished it in three sittings. Uplifting, with funny, imaginative characters. Jonny is the sweetest little boy and all the while, you lose yourself in his magical world - and Im a grown-up - well sort of!--LindaI laughed and cried with Jonny and my young nephew and niece just adored him and all his wonderful friends!

Written with verve and obvious empathy by Kim Wheeler, who quite clearly still has the heart of a child..... Thank goodness this is the first of a series - cant wait to read the next one!--Jessica Meyer, Editor

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